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Excerpt:  Life is full of tests- tests that pull, stretch and force us to choose whether to keep going or give up in defeat.  In To God Be the Glory, author Yolanda Dupree shares with searing honesty how the tests in her life have propelled her higher and deeper in her relationship with the Lord.  By catching her contagious zeal for God, you too will be encouraged to turn your tests into testimonies.


Catch a glimpse of her journey as she:

     Watches God provide in the midst of desperate financial struggles

     Experience the power of prayer in the lives of her children

     Uses praise and obedience to fight for her marriage

     Encourages you to use your gifts for God’s glory


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Use Your It and Get It Done -Motivational CD

Live Motivational CD

Track 1 -  On His Wings  Track 2 - Live


Back Cover Description
Countdown To Your Last 90 Days  What would happen if we all lived like we were dying? Life is a precious gift and our time here on earth is priceless. Yet most of us live life with no urgency and just let it pass us by. Countdown To Your Last 90 Days encourages you to consider whether you are taking full advantage of the gift of life. It will make you laugh and cry as Yolanda transparently shares her personal thoughts on love, marriage, motherhood, church, and so much more. Also, you will be challenged to take a long hard look in the mirror and allow yourself to be stretched and molded into the person that God created you to be. Warning: If you are sensitive and want to be pacified, this isn't the book for you! 

5 Key Components to Finding Your Purpose  Do you know why you were created? Are you living in your purpose? Most people go through life never understanding who they are or the power that is within them. Years are spent searching for purpose and but it isn't found and they give up and accept mediocrity as their fate. 5 Key Components to Finding Your Purpose helps the reader develop a full sense of self worth, a relentless attitude, and a "no holds barred" approach to life. You will be inspired and motivated to find your path and stay on it until you reach your destiny.
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Classes and Seminars 

Marriage Empowerment- This is a 4-week intensive series that explores our roles in marriage, communication, finances, parenting, and intimacy. It’s a fun and interactive way to grow your relationship, especially for couples experiencing difficulties and considering divorce.

$50 per couple Orientation is free.

 Faith Walkers Empowerment Breakfast- For women only. Spiritually motivating women to live their dreams and pursue their passion. $10 Check back in May for summer dates.

Life Coaching - Get step by step coaching on how to change your life. Coaching helps you recognize patterns that may have or may be hindering you. Life coaching sets you on the path towards success in your career, family/relationships, finances, etc. and helps you heal from past hurts and disappointments.  Individual sessions  $210 for 6 weeks

  Get Rid Of Your But! Coaching Special - 10 weeks of Life/Career Coaching $350  Reg. $450  You must register before May 31, 2015.

Couples Date Night
- A night of music, games, food, and great conversation. $30 (price may change based
on location/meal)

Business Networking- Let's talk about growth and how we can help each other. $10 (No scheduled networking sessions)

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10 Weeks of Life/Career Coaching
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