Mothering The Motherless

Our Goal:  To show a mothers love to children living in group homes.

It is very unfortunate that many of our children live apart from their biological mothers. Circumstances such as physical/sexual abuse, molestation, abandonment, malnourishment, drug abuse cause them to be removed from their homes for their well-being.  In some cases, this is a temporary move; however, for most children, they will never live with their mothers again.  

We believe that although we aren't the biological mothers, we have enough love through Jesus Christ to share with these kids and help ease any pain that they may be experiencing.  

      Girls Night In
      Mentorship for Teen Mothers
       Movie / Game Night
       Fun/Dance Party

How Can You Help?
   If you have a product or service that would benefit the children, please contact us.  We could also use: monetary donations, yarn/needles, fabric, games, movie tickets, art supplies...if you think we could use it, you're right! or 678-650-2626
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